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The European regulation n°1177/2010 provides compensation going up to 50 % per passenger for any delay on arrival even 100 % in case of cancellation resulting from the exclusive fault of the shipping company. But some people by resignation, by lack of information or time prefer to give up their potential compensations.

For example, at the European level, 26 % of the passengers are relatively well informed concerning their rights. This rate is lower in some countries like France (20 %) or Spain (16 %). (source: Eurobarometer)

Claim-Ship was born in order to help passengers claim their rights. Our approach consists in taking care of everything while keeping you informed of your file’s progress. You don’t have to advance any fees, just fill out freely our claim form. It incorporates the details of your trip and your supporting documents.

We work on the result. Consequently, if we fail to make succeed your case to the shipping company, you won’t pay anything. We’ll only deduct a commission of 25 % on your compensation in case of success.

So what are you waiting for ? You have nothing to lose, just give us few minutes of your time and we’ll do the rest.

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